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Why Eating Grass-Fed Beef Is Best

What you eat can either reinforce or damage your health. The number of dietary-related diseases has increased considerably. You should, therefore, be cautious about what you take. Compared to other types of meats, beef is the most preferred type. This is because besides being widely available, it is delicious, versatile, and nutritious. Beef is categorized mainly into two groups; conventionally-fed and grass-fed beef. This article will explain why you should go for grass-fed beef.

Consuming foods that are naturally filled with vitamins, healthy fats, and antioxidants is good for you. You will, for instance, be less susceptible to developing severe ailments such as cardiovascular complications and diabetes. Grass is rich in varying types of vitamins including vitamin E, D, and A. Besides vitamins, grass-fed beef also has diverse types of antioxidants the most prevalent one being carotenoids. When grass-fed beef is ingested in your system, your body will retain these vitamins and antioxidants. Many people believe that fish is the only rich source of omega-3 fats. Fish contains a lot of omega-3. However, this doesn’t make it the sole source. Omega-3 fats are also derived from grass-fed beef. Aside from omega-3, it also contains omega-6.

Cows that grow under conventional rearing are fed with processed grains. These grains are laced with diverse growth hormones and antibiotics. Consuming beef that contains these hormones and antibiotics is hazardous for human health. The antibiotics, for example, kill the healthy bacteria that your body needs for purposes such as digestion. Grass-fed beef isn’t laced with antibiotics or growth hormones. This way, it is safer compared to conventionally-fed beef.

Does eating beef give you digestive problems such as constipation? Well, if you do, you should not be quick to eliminate beef from your diet completely. As opposed to doing away with beef, you should look into the type of beef you consume. Digesting conventionally-fed beef isn’t easy. This is due to toughness. Grass-fed beef isn’t tough. Thus, it hardly causes any digestion problems. Plus, the tenderness gives it a juicy and savory taste.

Cows were created to graze freely. Conventionally-raised cows live in appalling conditions. For example, these animals are, in many cases, squeezed into one area that is barely spacious enough for them to move around. These living conditions deteriorate the cows’ health since infections spread rapidly. Eating grass-fed beef will play a vital role in bringing an end to this type of brutal animal treatment.
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