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Benefits of Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is not a new term and statement to us. Over the past few decades, there has been talks and actions on women empowerment and other forms of affirmatives actions concerning the wellbeing of mothers and children. Women empowerment is, therefore, the process in which women are enabled to take more control of their own lives and determine way who have been seen to be vocal about the social injustices faced by women due to beliefs and way of life of different communities. In the past women were suppressed and looked down upon by their families and societies this has, however, changed since movements on women empowerment began. There are different gains of women empowerment. Here are some of the benefits of women empowerment.

To begin with, women empowerment has enhanced and increased the self-esteem of women and can live their lives with dignity. It is tough to become productive when you have less belief in yourself. Women are the backbone of the community. A community whose women are oppressed and not allowed in decision making is bound to have something missing. There is a massive difference between a society which women have been empowered and that which oppresses their women. A woman with self-esteem can scale height which may be regarded as impossible. A woman, especially a mother with self-esteem, can raise a daughter who believes in themselves and thus improves the community at large. Women who have been empowered can gain leadership positions and other respectable position in the society fighting the patriarchy mind-set.

Secondly, another benefit of women empowerment is that it helps women become financially stable and self-reliant. There is no powerful weapon for improving the gross domestic product of a country than by empowering women. According to statistics, women have been seen to contribute more to the development of a country when empowered. A woman who can support themselves and children financially can achieve their goals. Being self-reliant gives a self of confidence in women and therefore, can educate their children and siblings. In most cases where women have been given ways in which they can make and generate income, the status of the community financial tends to improve drastically. Financially stability comes hand in hand with food security and shelter. Most women, after getting the money, they ensure that their family are well fed, have shelter and are dressed, thus creating a healthy and robust community.

In conclusion, women empowerment is also beneficial and also helps women to get legal protection. Initially, in most countries, the law which was set was patriarchal and to some extent were oppressing the women. In this era, a lot of changes have been done about the rule of law in different countries. Intense action has been taken against gender discrimination in the workplace and other social gatherings. There are also considerable penalties to people found defiling women and young women, especially sexual harassment of any kind. Actions have also been taken against communities found practising Female Genital Mutilation or early, marriages.

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